Drinking water basins, recreational, landscaped and fish farm ponds, rainwater collection or fire control reservoirs… The COLETANCHE bituminous geomembrane has for many years provided a global waterproofing solution for all these applications. Its high resistance to different geological and climatic constraints (land movements, shock and traction, extreme temperatures, etc.) and its mechanical performance ensure the sustainability of hydraulic structures.

Optimal waterproofing for the entire structure

As well as being installed over flat areas, COLETANCHE can also be used on all areas of the structure where detailing is required such as joints on concrete, steel, and PVC. Their waterproofing is realised by welding and clamping. COLETANCHE is a flexible solution which adapts to the geometry of a structure without creating tension. Therefore, an optimal waterproofing for the entire structure is possible, durable and guaranteed, including the more complex details.

Compatibility with hydraulic concrete and bituminous asphalt

Unlike polymeric geomembranes, COLETANCHE remains wrinkle-free regardless of temperature differences. It does not suffer any fatigue phenomena due to expansion. Reinforced in its mass by a geotextile, it provides excellent mechanical performance. A concrete slab can therefore be laid directly on COLETANCHE® at the bottom and edges of the pond, without risk of crushing or chemical reaction. Due to its composition, COLETANCHE® is also the only geomembrane compatible with hot mixes asphalt without the use of any protection.

The surface finish allows the direct installation of protective materials

The sanded finish on the upper side of the COLETANCHE® geomembrane allows the direct addition of backfill or protective material on slopes, without any risk of slippage. The use of geogrids is therefore not required (tested by slope method with growing medium = 34° friction angle).

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