The construction of basins designed to retain polluted liquids or industrial effluents is increasing while groundwater protection has become a priority in Europe and worldwide. This has been concretised in Europe and in France with the water law.

Thanks to its natural waterproofing performance and resistance to common biological and chemical pollutants, the COLETANCHE geomembrane is widely used to seal leaching ponds and polluted water retention basins in the mining, industrial and food processing sectors… Due to its properties, COLETANCHE effectively fulfils its essential function of waterproofing and offers many other advantages:


High resistance to U.V.

The nature of the elastomer binder (SBS) and the sanded upper side of COLETANCHE allows it to be used in exposed conditions, without special protection against ultra-violet rays. By avoiding the need for a protective layer, it allows for greater storage volume.

Chemical resistance

The SBS bitumen-based binder is stable in water, seawater and brines environments. Experience has shown COLETANCHE’s excellent performance on the following sites: salt water storage (salt mines and potash mines), food processing, sugar plants, copper and nickel mining leachates, etc.

Our Technical Service is able to answer your specific needs.

A detailed study is required for effluents with a PH less than or equal to 4 and higher than or equal to 13.

Compatibility with Asphalt

The nature of COLETANCHE makes it especially compatible with asphalt mixes or other bituminous concrete*. These materials can be used as a protective layer for the membrane to enable the cleaning of ponds and the accessibility of structures to machines and lorries. The waterproofing remains continuous.

*A fiber reinforced concrete protection is also possible


Dimensional Stability

Unlike polymeric geomembranes, which are sensitive to elongation effects and to stress cracking, COLETANCHE has a great dimensional stability. This advantage enables the structures to withstand the pressure of liquids due to the flatness retained (no folds or other weak points). Vertical concrete walls of high height can also be sealed with COLETANCHE® without any particular constraints.

Quick and reliable implementation and maintenance

The surface weight* of COLETANCHE® and its tolerance to temperatures between -40 °C and 40 °C (-40 and 104° F) allows an installation in extreme weather conditions (wind, rain, cold). Thus, avoiding site interruptions due to bad weather, deadlines are met and the projects are quickly operational.

*A surface weight between 4.2 and 6.4 kg / m² (124 to 189 oz/yd2) enables COLETANCHE® to resist movement by wind. Intermediate anchor techniques also allows the installation in very windy areas.


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