COLETANCHE® SC1 is the latest addition to the COLETANCHE® range. This reinforced elastomeric bituminous geomembrane is specially designed to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for waterproofing roadside and highway ditches that complies with European Union water legislation (rainwater and runoff control) aimed at protecting groundwater.

Guaranteed compatibility with asphalt mixes

The bituminous nature of COLETANCHE® SC1 ensures full compatibility with hot asphalt mixes (macadam). It provides uncompromising watertight integrity at the top of the ditch during their application, with no extra protection required against the heat (unlike polymeric membranes, which deteriorate under the effect of heat and require added protection).

The easy-to-handle “all-terrain” geomembrane

  • No risk of wind uplift

With its 2.5 kg/m² (74 oz/yd2) surface mass and the resistance inherent to bituminous geomembranes, COLETANCHE® SC1 no needs for woven geotextiles (base layer and added protection) and minimizes the risk of wind uplift during geomembrane installation.

  • Weldable in all weather conditions; no special equipment required

Flame welding of geomembrane using standard torches simplifies worksite organization by ensuring quick and easy installation. This technique technique can be used in wet and cold weather, unlike hot air welding required by polymeric membranes.

  • The practical benefits of an “all-in-one” geomembrane

Internally reinforced, COLETANCHE® SC1 does not require the installation of a puncture-resistant geotextile. The sanded surface provides an excellent friction angle and can – in most cases – be covered directly with soil, with no need for geogrids.

  • A tailor-made product for waterproofing ditches

Available in a selection of widths (from 2.50 m to 5.10 m – from 8.2 ft to 16.7 ft), COLETANCHE® SC1 is an efficiency solution for your worksite by reducing the number of unrolling and overlapping operations.

Since it is installed lengthwise, COLETANCHE® SC1 also reduces the number of transversal waterproofing joints (one joint every 150 metres or 164 yd on average).

Its maintenance is easy and straightforward: If a repair is required, simply weld a patch of the same product to the damaged area.

  • Quick and easy to install as waterproofing and asphalting work advances

SC1 is mounted on sturdy steel mandrels, which makes the membrane easy to manipulate and unroll using a manual or hydraulic girder.

The advantages of COLETANCHE SC1

An affordable and effective alternative to polymeric membranes

  • One product to install.
  • No geotextile on the bottom or top surface means time savings on material procurement, delivery, and installation.
  • “Tailor-made” widths mean COLETANCHE® SC1 can be installed immediately; no need to cut or fold to fit.
  • Simplified preparation of excavated material.



For installers

Quick and easy to install in all weather conditions, compatible with hot asphalt mixes (macadam), simple to repair.

For operators

Laying directly on the support, no puncture-resistant geotextile required, minimizes the risk of wind uplift, won’t hinder traffic in the vicinity after installation.

For main contractors

Guaranteed waterproofing with a minimal number of joints, superior impact resistance, easy to repair, economical to maintain.


  • Composition: Non-woven geotextile reinforced structure and specially designed bituminous waterproof binder
  • Thickness: 2,2 mm (87 mils)
  • Length: up to 150 m (164 yd), depending on the width
  • Available widths: 2.50 to 5.10 m (from 8.2 ft to 16.7 ft), on request
  • Asqual certification
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