COLETANCHE is the reference for waterproofing all types of canals (irrigation, distribution and navigation) in France and throughout the world. This membrane can be laid in the case of severe abrasive environments or for bank maintenance.


Very high resistance to puncture and initiated tearing

Already reinforced in its mass, the bituminous COLETANCHE geomembrane can be laid without the addition of geotextiles. This characteristic allows a minimal soil preparation.

No stress-cracking phenomenon

Unlike polymeric geomembranes, COLETANCHE does not suffer from this problem. Its life span is therefore longer.

Flexibility and wind resistance

The high foldability of the COLETANCHE allows a transversal anchorage, ideal for canals in order to:

  • To compensate for intumescence phenomena,
  • Facilitate the identification of leaks by sectioning the canal,
  • Limit lifting and tearing in case of strong winds when the canal is partially or totally empty. Its large surface mass tolerates wind speeds of up to 70km/h without anchoring.

Compatibility with asphalt mixes

Thanks to its bitumen-based composition, COLETANCHE allows asphalt mixes to be laid directly on the geomembrane.

On its own or combined with mechanical protection made from concrete, gabions or rocks, COLETANCHE is an effective solution for waterproofing all types of field irrigation canals, hydroelectric power stations or waterways.


Excellent Manning’s coefficient

The COLETANCHE geomembrane remains in constant contact on its support, without folds.

It is insensitive to penetration by roots or vegetation, thanks to its Terphane film on the underside.

High density

The density of the COLETANCHE is 1.22, which is possible to immerse it. Underwater repair is therefore possible by bonding the joints with bituminous mastic glue.


COLETANCHE can convey drinking water and can be welded to all substrates (concrete, PVC, steel, HDPE…), which makes it possible to achieve a homogeneous watertightness even at the smallest detail and at all points of the structure.

Excellent UV resistance

The elastomer binder used in the COLETANCHE ES range makes it highly resistant to UV rays.

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