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The COLETANCHE® bituminous geomembrane has for many years provided a global waterproofing solution for all the water management structures. Its high resistance to different geological and climatic constraints and its mechanical performance ensure the sustainability of hydraulic structures.
  • Applications
  • Coletanche advantages
  • Other characteristics
  • Drinking water ponds,
  • Leisure ponds,
  • Landscape ponds,
  • Fish ponds,
  • Rainwater harvesting ponds
  • Fire ponds.
  • Flexibility: it adapts to a structure’s geometry without creating tension so the entire structure, including the most particular points, is optimally and permanently watertight.
  • A concrete slab can be laid directly on the geomembrane at the bottom and around the edges of a pool without any risk of crushing or chemical reaction.
  • Upper side sanded: allow installation of backfill or protective materials directly in contact with it without risk of slippage.
  • High density (1.22), it can be immersed: underwater repair is therefore possible by bonding the joints with bituminous adhesive.
  • Potability and compatibility with drinking water: All Coletanche geomembranes are NSF ANSI 61 certified by NSF international.
  • Easy to install: COLETANCHE® is applied in a continuous layer and can be connected to all of the structure’s singular points, with no need a protective layer.
  • Excellent performances over time, even in exposed conditions.
  • Long term mechanical (tension, puncture, elongation) and chemical (leaching, acid, UV, gas) resistance
  • Compatible with all types of materials (concrete, steel, PVC, etc) by sealing or gluing.
  • Dimensional stability: no sensitive to expansion phenomena and stress cracks.

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