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Biogas barriers

To limit urban expansion, it is increasingly common to rebuild existing urban spaces. In this situation, COLETANCHE enables reclamation of sites by making them suitable places. Apply COLETANCHE before concrete or asphalt paving to form a high-performance biogas barriers that is impervious to gases emanating from contaminants, protecting air quality for the buildings above.
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COLETANCHE is used as a biogas barrier to construct residential and tertiary buildings on sites that have been contaminated by natural or other means:

  • radon,
  • former landfill sites,
  • soil from former industrial or mining sites,
  • dumps.
  • Easy installation and compatible with all types of materials and their sealing ; even on structure’s singular points.
  • A continuous and single layer is efficient.
  • Dimensional stability: a concrete slab can be laid directly on the geomembrane without the risk of crushing creases or chemical reactions.
  • High resistance to puncture/aggregates on a busy work site.
  • COLETANCHE’s gas impermeability is significantly better than polymeric geomembranes (1000 times higher)
  • Longevity: excellent performances over time.
  • Long term mechanical (tension, puncture, elongation) and chemical (leaching, acid, UV, gas) resistance
  • For every type of climate and environment conditions (resistance to wind up-lift and to -40 / +40°C temperatures).

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