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  • Type: Drainage ditches
  • Area: 50,000 m²
  • Product: COLETANCHE® SC1

The 18.5 km South-Western Vichy bypass links Saint-Yorre to Espinasse-Vozelle.

The south-western Vichy bypass was planned as a two-lane road with a 7 m wide carriageway and two shoulders of 2.80 m each. A third lane in the winding section between the RD 984 and the RD 1093 forms a passing lane.

Roadside ditches line the road in accordance with Water Act recommendations.

COLETANCHE geomembrane’s advantages for this project are:

  • The bitumen-based geomembrane is naturally compatible with asphalts and creates a perfect seal between the hard shoulder and the ditch
  • There is no risk of wind uplift and it can be welded in any weather without special equipment
  • The manual laying technique with gas torch welding: it’s simple and fast with no heavy equipment involved, allowing speedy completion of ditches so weather conditions having little effect
  • Easily unrolled with a manual or hydraulic beam
  • No underlay or surface geotextile which saves time when sourcing, purchasing and installing materials
  • Width customised for the site to reduce cutting and product waste
  • Simplified preparation of soil from earthworks
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