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  • Type: Tailings pond and dam
  • Location: Mazapil, Mexico
  • Area: 89,970 m²
  • Product: COLETANCHE® ES3

A 60 mil LLDPE (polyethylene) seal was installed during East Tailings Dam construction. All subsequent height raising components were built with riprap. Continuing with LLDPE waterproofing would have required installing a 0.70 m layer before laying a layer of GCL and a 0.15m coating before finally laying the LLDPE waterproofing. The customers wanted a simpler alternative to waterproof the upstream face of the dam (13 metres high with a slope of 2.9H:1V).

They chose Coletanche ES3, deployed on a 0.50 m layer of gravel for the transition between the riprap and the membrane.

To minimise losses, 45 m rolls of Coletanche were specially manufactured.

Coletanche’s benefits for this project were:

  • Its high traction and puncture resistance,
  • Little preparation required for the supporting surface,
  • Possibility to weld to polymeric membranes.

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