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  • Type: Mixed landfill cover, Motco
  • Localisation: San-Francisco, USA
  • Area: 60 000 m²
  • Product: COLETANCHE ES2

The landfill covers approximately 50,000 m² and is located 3 m above sea level. This contains between 95,000 and 105,000 m³ of municipal waste and top soil. It was created by the gradual layering of debris deposited directly onto the ground adjacent to wetland areas. The water surrounding the landfill is seawater and is influenced by the tide (average variation of 50 cm in water height). It is located in Suisun Bay, part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, on the site of a strategic military base.

The customer chose the COLETANCHE ES2 bituminous geomembrane solution, which is exposed in the tidal area and covered on the rest of the landfill. No encroachment on the marshes and no external material inputs were required.

The system provided the following benefits:

  • a substantial 15% savings compared to other solutions,
  • a reduction in CO2 emissions by avoiding filler materials,
  • natural environment protected by avoiding encroachment on the marshes.
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