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General characteristics: 

  • Longevity: excellent performances over time,
  • Compatible with all types of materials (concrete, steel, PVC, etc) by sealing or gluing,
  • Only one layer is efficient and no need a protective layer or geogrid.

Easy to install

  • Compatible with all climates, even extreme ones : from -40 °C to +40°C,
  • Does not lift in the wind due to its mass (2.5 – 6.4 kg/m²),
  • Compatible with immersion installation and underwater jointing,
  • Limited number of welds due to wide rolls (5.10 m),
  • Installation on natural substrates, flexibility to adapt to soil, excellent manning coefficient,
  • Easy to install, without specific equipment by local team.

Technical and chemical characteristics

  • Drinking water storage (NSF ANSI 61 certification),
  • Intrinsic gas sealing and excellent chemical and biological resistance.
  • Highest friction angle (up to 34°) for strong slopes (2H/1V).
  • Viscoelastic capacity for adaptability to soil movement.
  • Resistance to leaching, acid and chemical elements.

High mechanical performance

  • Resistance to tearing, puncture and hydrostatic pressure, tension…
  • Dimensional stability and deformability : no sensitive to thermal expansion and stress cracks.
  • Whistand liquid pressure.
  • Stretches without losing its waterproofing functions,
  • Resistance to differential settlement up to 45-60% elongation,
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World implantations
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References in more than 70 countries
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30 Million m² laid worldwide
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5 labels and certifications