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  • Location: Dolores Mine, Mexico
  • Area: 20,380 m²
  • Product: COLETANCHE ES3

The Dolores Mine is a large gold and silver mine located in northern Chihuahua, Mexico. The Dolores Mine is one of the largest silver reserves in Mexico and in the world. This expansion had a number of constraints that made COLETANCHE the best solution. COLETANCHE was placed on the new leachate backfill liner.

COLETANCHE geomembrane’s advantages for this project are:

  • High friction angle (34 degrees)
  • Puncture resistance
  • Protection of cash reserves
  • Quick installation
  • Installation possible in extreme weather conditions (precipitation, wind, hot temperature of 35°C/95°F).

Aerial view of the site. The shaded yellow section is covered with COLETANCHE.

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