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  • Product: Coletanche ES4 HFA
  • Quantity: 67,600 m²
  • Location: Reservoir/Bel-Air, Maryland – USA
  • Date: 2019

Water supply capacity has always been and continues to be an issue for the entire Maryland region. The town of Bel Air has experienced a high population increase, generating a growing demand for drinking water. The Maryland American Water Company, which provides drinking water for residents, wanted to improve its storage capacity by building a raw water reservoir with a new, more environmentally-friendly impoundment that sill only be filled when flows are high. After treatment, the water is distributed as drinking water. The Bel Air reservoir’s capacity is 340 million litres, which corresponds to 100 days of consumption.

The customer’s chosen site had soil unsuitable for water retention because it was permeable. A geomembrane system was therefore required for the reservoir’s inner slopes and bottom.

For the customer, Coletanche’s technical specifications, cost, durability, strength, seepage control, constructability and appearance were the most important criteria. In addition, the COLETANCHE® ES range has NSF/ANSI 61 certification so that it can be used for storing drinking water.

COLETANCHE® has many other advantages for this project, including a high angle of friction to protect against potential wildlife falls, UV resistance and no cover material.

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